Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Nugget Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”), recognizing the importance of personal information, safely and carefully handles the personal information entrusted to us by the customer. In order to adequately protect our customers, we have established the following privacy policy to be followed by the Company’s directors, employees, and collaborators.  


1.  Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The Company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations as well as the guidelines set out by the current cabinet minister regarding personal information.


2.  Proper acquisition of personal information

The Company will acquire the customer’s personal information to the extent necessary to complete sales contracts and/or other contracts that may occur between the Company and the customer.


3.  Purpose of use

The Company, excepting cases without the customer’s consent or those that are not in accordance with the law, will use the customer’s information as necessary to achieve the following purposes:

(Purpose of use)

(1) For confirmation of the customer’s identity, and/or the shipment of goods.

(2) To contact the customer for billing or regarding repairs.

(3) To inform the customer of the Company’s publications, and/or provide guidance for the after-care services such as maintenance of the purchased goods.

(4) To send mail by post and/or emails directly to the customer.


4.  Third party offers

The Company, in order to send the customer invitations to events in which the Company is participating, etc., may offer the customer’s personal information to third parties. With exception for the following cases, the Company does not give customers’ personal information to third parties.

(1) If the customer has consented.

(2) If it based on the laws and ordinances.

(3) In order to protect human life, in the case that the customer cannot be reached.

(4) In the case that the Company must legally cooperate with either national or local government agencies or those who are commissioned under them, and obtaining the customer’s consent is likely to hinder the actions of said agencies.


5.  Safety management measures

The Company has implemented the appropriate measures to prevent the loss of personal information, damage, and information leaks. In addition, when providing the customer’s personal information to third parties, subcontractors have been selected who have arranged the appropriate level of protection of personal information, and the necessary and appropriate guidance and management of said subcontractors is carried out.


6.  Continuation of improvement

The Company, in order to provide proper handling of the customer’s personal information, will when appropriate review the privacy policy and as well as the Company’s in-house rules and regulations, and strive to continuously improve.


7.   Contact us  

The Company will quickly respond to any matters regarding the disclosure of personal information, corrections, suspension of use, etc. Please forward any inquiries, complaints, or requests for consultation to the following address:



Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Osaki 2-13-35 K Building 902

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