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Our customer stated, “This is the last piece of jewelry I want, which I have been dreaming about for a long time. No one has been able to make it for me.” The customer ordered this special jewelry that we knew would be a masterpiece and would challenge Izumi’s work. We were excited that the jewelry would showcase our cultural ability and show our design strength.


The customer requested us to make a crown, not like the jeweled crowns of Europe, but a wearable crown, containing many jewels.


We listened carefully to the customer’s requests in order to understand what she wanted. We finally imagined one that was used as a costume design in Urayasu no Mai, (Shrine Maiden Dancing). We felt our customer’s requested crown would be like Himiko’s used in a Shinto ritual.


Many tiaras are made of platinum, which can be heavy, although easy to use with lots of melting point when assembling. In our imagination and using a wearable concept, we decided to use gold as the material.


We did several measurements, fitting to the customer and making adjustments before attaching the jewels. Each step was carried out by professional craftsmen. With fine decorations and stone attachment, the finished work is beautiful, a never before seen piece and our customer greatly appreciated our efforts.


We also appreciate the customer who ordered the crown.


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