Mimamori Amulet



Mimamori Amulet: Strap


White stone from Shichirimihama

Black Diamond

Mimamori Amulet: Bracelet


White stone from Shichirimihama

Black Diamond

Onyx (black chalcedony)




Scene for Otsunahiki, divine service

Kumano City in Mie Prefecture is Izumi Takemoto’s hometown. The area is listed as a natural heritage site through UNESCO. It is kept green and natural through the efforts of many people. Found here is the Hanano Iwaya Jinja, which is the oldest shrine in the world. It was written about in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan) and is an important power spot for nature worship, with many spiritualists visiting.


On the other side of the national highway, the Shichirimihama coast is also listed as a world heritage site where people from all over Japan come to pick up white stones for paving their shrines. Only a limited number of people are allowed to collect these white stones of Shichirimihama. The white stones symbolize revival and regrowth.


The sacred crow, a symbol of this region is considered a god’s messenger. According to the myth, it guided Emperor Jinmu from Kumano country to Yamato country, so the crow is worshiped for its divine guidance. The amulet’s strap contains white stones. A guardian diamond stone, stylized crow and sunrise over the sea of Kumano are combined to make up the motif for the Mimamori Amulet.






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Hana no Iwaya Jinja


137 Arima-cho, Kumano City, Mie prefecture, 519-4325, Japan

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