Izumi Mode produces jewelry more as a mode than a fashion. Mode is never influenced by trendy fashion that can be gone in the blink of an eye.


In the past we’ve had contracts with a number of jewelry manufacturers, working with them to produce universal designs for various popular products. We felt accomplishment, but not a feeling of satisfaction.

We felt that our designs should give us satisfaction, furthering our dream in life to have a creative culture, thereby producing a new sense of value. In order to express these feelings in jewelry we established Izumi Mode.

We hope that Izumi Mode jewelry appeals to our customers’ aesthetic senses.

Our jewelry has won a number of awards in competitions in Japan and abroad. The creative designs carry a number of patents in foreign countries. Our craftsmen’s skills show their endless creative efforts, the precise designs giving a timeless fresh impression. Izumi Mode continues to be a leading brand in the jewelry world.

Izumi Takemoto, designer

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