The jewelry Japan, using lacquer is introduced.

Jewelry, Japan uses a colorful craft combining precious metals with different materials such as wood and lacquer. Unlike European jewelry, which was the main stream products in Japan at this time, the new style jewelry incorporates unique Japanese techniques imparting a creative style, reducing heavy weight and coldnes

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Nugget Co., Ltd is established

Creative jewelry with a new sense of value is produced, aiming at mode jewelry rather than fashion. Izumi Mode brand is developed.


Midas brand is announced, jewelry is made based on antique lace.

It expresses rich contrasts of the light and dark shadows of lace in delicate gold. In this series, the jewelry image of cold and hard is changed to that of warm and soft. Patented products and manufacturing <1466558>


Tsujugahana is introduced using the colors of Paraiba Tourmaline found in Brazil.

Attention is paid to the colors of tsujigahana dye, which was created during the Muromachi period, to impart unique Japanese characteristic colors to jewelry.


Miracle Point wins several awards at the Oceania District Grand Prix and the Executive Department International Grand Prix in the First Argyle Diamond Contest which is organized by Argyle Diamond Mine of Australia.


The jewelry, Tableau, is announced, made with blue opals produced in the Andes of Peru. We cut the rough blue opals ourselves to create a landscape design in the jewelry.

Using the natural patterns in the stones gives an impression of pictorial art, making this valuable jewelry very unique in the world.


Super Casual is introduced. These designs are semiformal with casual images, but still high quality jewelry.

Designing high quality jewelry for casual wear is original, before high quality jewelry was only used for formal occasions.


Research and development begins on fabric jewelry, the Kinpu, gold fabric project.

There is a dream from Greek mythology where people want to sew gold textiles. In order to make this possible we created pure gold filaments, very thin threads to make jewelry that has a soft shining light and warm texture.


Kinpu, gold fabric project is developed. Pure gold, 100μ filaments are woven and a special technique is used to add a wrinkle treatment.

Patents obtained: Japan <No. 1192016 Issue> <No. 1192017> <No. 1192018> <No. 1192019> America <US D492,126S> France <03 1861> Italy <0000087556> China <ZL03306438.5>


Kinpu is produced for the first time in the world using ultra fine, pure gold, 30μ filaments and are woven like textiles.

Patents obtained: Japan <No. 3704332> America <US 7,028,718 B2> France <0107880> China <ZL200310101263.3> EU <1411161>


Angelveil is made using pure gold, 100μ filaments, the same thickness as human hair, woven into a textile with a fluffy finish.

Patents obtained: Japan <Nos. 1199830 No. 1199831 No. 1199832> America <first US D468.227S> France <011156>


Angelveil is exhibited at the Designer Gallery in the JANY Jewelry Show, Javits Convention Center, United States.

Abelson New Designer Award.


Kinpu fabric jewelry is exhibited at the JCK, Las Vegas Show Design Center, United States.


Kinpu, fabric jewelry is exhibited at the Wynn, Las Vegas Show Signature Salons, United States.


Kinpu, fabric jewelry is certified to be a permanent display item at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Museum, United States.


The design for a fluffy texture necklace made of Kinpu obtains a registration Japan <1309111>


Jewelry Lamp with a Pure Gold Lamp Shade is exhibited at the Gold Exhibition in Roppongi Hills, sponsored by TBS.

Jewelry Christmas Tree, Gold Tree is made for the Microsoft new product show held at the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 52

The design for a necklace woven from a pure gold filament obtains a registration Japan <1366153>


Jewelry Lamp with a Pure Gold Lamp Shade is shown on the Japanese television program, Hanamaru Market.

Jewelry Christmas Tree, Gold Tree is shown on the Japanese television program, Asa Zuba.


A coffee filter made of Kinpu and gold jewelry is shown on the Japanese television program, Burari Tochugeshe no Tabi.


Angelveil woven with pure gold filaments and titanium wire is announced.

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